Brandi Burkett


Brandi Burkett has been a storyteller her whole life. Her early work includes the self-published titles, “I Don’t Know Anything About that Gum in the Carpet” and “No Mom, I Don’t Have Any Homework”. While her love for spoken-word story telling persists, she eventually decided to make photography her preferred medium.

Brandi is a third-generation photographer with an extensive background in film and digital photography. Her love for the creative process and her enjoyment working with a team to create evocative content is what sets her apart for our clients.

What you may not know about me is

Whatever you don’t know about me now, you’ll know soon. I am descended from a long line of verbose people and have never met a stranger. I just love people. You’re all my favorite.

What I like to do is

I love to run (especially when it’s cold) and attend CrossFit. I also love to cook and try to make one new dish a week. My family gives me a hard time for using garlic in everything I make, whether the recipe calls for it or not. I love to travel, entertain guests and have long philosophical debates. I also love to work outside with my husband, Jim. We’ve been married for almost 20 years and there’s no one I’d rather sip coffee on the porch with, carefully ignoring that half-finished patio we started a year ago.

My perfect day

I have two teenaged children. My perfect day involves any interaction with them that allows me to believe they may grow up to be semi-employable, contributing members of society. And ice cream.