Lisa Veatch


Lisa Veatch’s professional experience and leading-edge marketing expertise are the keys to facilitating successful marketing campaigns for Encore Multimedia clients. She brings 30 years of retail business ownership and sales and marketing experience, as well as non-profit fundraising, to every project.

Prior to joining Encore, Lisa was a partner in an ad agency located in Tyler, and along with her husband, Don, has operated photography studios in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Nebraska. 

What you may not know about me

Is that my grandmother, Minnie Gant, was a midwife with the Carson & Barnes Circus. I remember she had such beautiful tattoos. 

What I really like to do

Is to fish for blue gill, perch and crappie anytime, anywhere. My favorite moment is when I see the cork go under the water.  Largest fish I ever caught was when I was fishing with my dad, H.L. It was a 30-pound catfish.

My perfect day

Any day that ends with our rescue kitten, Pumpkin, curled up at my feet and my husband by my side.