An Event Apart - For People Who Make Websites

We at Encore Multimedia strive to stay at the bleeding edge of technology in our different fields of expertise. Keeping up with the latest and greatest methodologies allows us to make informed decisions to accomplish your marketing goals. 

With that being said, Encore is sending me to An Event Apart – Austin this July. All of my “work heroes” are going to be speaking there about Web Design.

Take a look at part of the lineup:

I read the first edition of Designing with Web Standards when I was 14-15 yrs old… that was almost 10 years ago! Needless (or is it?) to say, I’m a bit giddy.

I'll be hearing the latest and greatest concepts and standards for the web, something I truly am passionate (obsessed?) about.

All of these people have changed the Internet as we know it, and it's going to be great being personally taught by them.

With the new information gleaned from this conference, I hope to bring you and your clients more robust and user friendly tools to further your strategic marketing needs.

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Johnny Martin