Virtual Spring-Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung! So when the time comes to tackle projects like organizing your desk, cleaning out your storage closet, or sorting through your filing drawers, take a moment to think about what a little spring-cleaning could do for your website as well. Maintaining the upkeep of your site is important to remaining relevant and competitive in this digital age.

You know you should invest some time cleaning up your website when:

  • You forgot you had a website
  • You haven’t touched your “new” site since it launched three (or more) years ago
  • Your site doesn’t work on mobile devices
  • The content is simply old and outdated
  • It doesn’t link to your social media
  • You’ve used the same visuals and graphics for two or more years
  • Search engines aren’t finding it
  • “You mean my website doesn’t update on its own?”

There are plenty of simple steps to take to keep your website fresh and relevant. From updating the framework that already exists to building a site from the ground up, the web experts at Encore Multimedia are ready to bring new life to your online presence and help you get the most out of your website.

If you’re ready for online spring-cleaning, call Encore Multimedia at 903-757-6111, email Lisa Veatch (Business Growth Executive) at, or go online to 

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Sydney McBride