Duy Truong - Front-End Web Developer


Duy Truong is a vital member of Encore’s web development team. He specializes in front-end development and has extensive knowledge and skills in single-page web application development, which stems from his experience working on many personal and real-world projects.

Duy graduated from Richland College and the University of Texas at Dallas with degrees in Computer Science. His passion for technologies has driven him to expand his knowledge on many other aspects of web development.

What you may not know about me is

Is that I was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States in 2015. As a soccer fan, I can do a one-day long presentation on my favorite soccer team.

What I really like to do is

Spend time with my family and friends. I also like play soccer, learn how to cook, and explore new places.

My perfect day

Is waking up early, having a cup of tea, and enjoying a good soccer game with my family and friends.