Garrett Whitehorn is an experienced member of Encore’s highly-skilled web development team, with a focus on back-end technologies. His capabilities in web development are almost entirely self-taught, providing him with an extensive ability to learn and adapt as he is constantly adding new programs and languages to his toolkit.

Garrett began building sites for businesses as early as 2006 and earned his Associates of Applied Science Degree from Kilgore College in Computer Networking with a focus on Cisco Routing and Switching.

What you may not know about me is

I like to eat a wide range of foods and I have a broad range of interests or curiosities, such as psychology, audio engineering, and health/nutrition. I also think it would be interesting to manage a retail store, physical or online, because of all the data points I could draw from to inform business decisions.

What I really like to do is

Contribute to open-source/crowd-sourced things online like code on GitHub or wikis. I also enjoy video games and music.

My perfect day

Meeting up with some friends to code something groundbreaking together (or make plans for it). Like a hackathon, but without the extreme hours, sleeplessness, and grueling deadline. Then add some kind of Asian food to top it all off!