Joel Soape


Joel Soape is the newly named President of EDsuite. His experience in serving the economic development industry is centered around customer service, project management, web product development, and website management. Over his years with EDsuite, Joel has gained a very clear grasp on how to integrate the needs of a unique industry with the digital marketing world through working closely with clients and industry professionals across the board. He is a graduate of LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas with a bachelors degree in Christian ministry. Joel has also dabbled in freelance web development for small and growing businesses in and around the Longview area. 

What you may not know about me is

I spent 2 years working with a search and recovery and disaster relief organization after High School before heading to college, and after college I spent time overseas in Europe, primarily Romania, doing missions and humanitarian work.

What I really like to do is

My hobbies include almost any activities outdoors or sports related. Currently I enjoy getting a round of golf in, and spending time hunting, fishing, or shooting. Some of my more tame hobbies include woodworking and running. 

My perfect day

I love spending time with my family- my two daughters and my wife - doing just about anything. Weekends taking a walk together, playing in the backyard, or going on a little excursion together really can’t be beat. I've even succeeded in training my 3 yr old daughter to enjoy football with me so I do manage to fit in some college football watching on Saturdays in the fall.