Khang Vo


Khang Vo is a full-stack developer on Encore’s web development team. His skills (back-end and front-end development) stem from his experience working as a banking data analyst and data scientist. Khang brings with him an unparalleled ability to create beautiful and intuitive user interfaces for our clients’ websites that display information in a way that fully maximizes the user experience.

Khang graduated from the University of Sciences (Vietnam) in 2006 with a Bachelor’s of Computer Sciences degree and later received a Master’s degree in quantitative and computational finance from John Von Neumann Institute in 2016.

What you may not know about me is

I can dance dancesport or ballroom. I am also Vietnamese and recently immigrated to the Unites States. As of 2018, Texas is my new home.

What I really like to do is

Learn about new things such as history, science, politics, the universe, and more.

My perfect day

Drinking great coffee and reading a favorite book, hanging out with my children and taking them shopping, trying something new and enjoyable, enjoying my favorite cuisine with my family, and planning for the next perfect day.