Nic Trent Portrait


As Encore Multimedia’s lead graphic designer, Nic has put his mark on a rich portfolio of award-winning work (web design, print, outdoor, branding), including Encore’s newly designed website. The strength of his design earns ongoing accolades, but more importantly, it positively impacts the goals of Encore’s wide variety of clients.

Prior to joining Encore Multimedia, Nic worked with a number of East Texas agencies and businesses, including five years as lead designer for Teen Mania Ministries.

What you may not know about me

Is that I love learning about ancient cultures. The more mysterious the culture, such as Gobekli Tepe or Sanxingdui; the more I’m fascinated.

What I really like to do

Is hang out with family and friends. I have a huge family.

My perfect day

Would be spent on a private beach in Thailand with my favorite people.