55 Words for Better Customer Service

There are probably reams of paper and digital information that can be found about customer service.  So what I have to say here may not be new or profound.  Nevertheless, I believe strongly in customer service from the moment we answer the phone until we finish with a project and beyond.

We at Encore Multimedia strive to provide good customer service at all levels.  I was talking with a potential new team member yesterday who was looking at working for several different agencies in the region.  As he was asking around about agencies he said one of the strongest things he heard about us was that we were at the top of the heap when it came to customer service.  That made me very happy. But I also know we must be diligent about it and continue to get better as well.

Encore Multimedia is “Customer Focused, Results Driven.”

Our company positioning statement is “Customer Focused, Results Driven.”  The two things we want people to know about Encore Multimedia is that we work hard at taking care of our clients and at generating results for them.  For now, we are talking about the customer-focused aspect of our business.

I have been to businesses that advertise that they provide good customer service and yet the experiences I’ve had do not always reflect promises made in their advertising.   The result?  I may not come back.  Internally, I try to drive this message into our team members consciousness… “Business goes where it is wanted, but only stays where it is well cared for.”  Every company wants business, but not every company is committed to the diligent effort required to take care of that business so that it stays around.  You can provide customer service at every level of your company.  One of the important areas of service that you provide is in the area of the things you say.

Here are 55 words to keep in mind as you seek to provide premiere customer service to your valued patrons through what you say:

Talking Your Way To Better Service

10 important words to say:
I apologize for our mistake. Let me make it right.

9 important words to say:
Thank you for your business. Please come back again.

8 important words to say:
I’m not sure, but I will find out.

7 important words to say:
What else can I do for you?

6 important words to say:
What is most convenient for you?

5 important words to say:
How may I serve you?

4 important words to say:
How did we do?

3 important words to say:
Glad you’re here!

2 important words to say:
Thank you.

1 important word to say:

Happy Serving!

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Dean Waskowiak