Natalie Poss, Student at Texas A&M, Interns with Encore Multimedia

Natalie Poss


As a current student at Texas A&M, I feel it is appropriate for me to give the obligatory Aggie “hello.” My name is Natalie Poss, and I have been given the opportunity to spend my summer as an intern here at Encore Multimedia. I grew up in Longview, Texas, graduated from Pine Tree High School, and then went on to attend Kilgore College where I was a Kilgore College Rangerette.

Now, I am a newly promoted senior marketing major with a focus in advertising strategy. With an interest in psychology, business, and the creative process, I have greatly enjoyed studying strategic marketing and all that it entails. The extensive range and quality of work that Encore Multimedia has accomplished for its clients led me to pursue an internship for the summer. With its expertise in various aspects of marketing, I felt that an internship here would provide me with a valuable learning experience that has the potential to lay a foundation for the rest of my career. I am excited to have been welcomed with open arms, and I am anticipating a great summer full of growth! 

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Natalie Poss