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As the Senior Developer here at Encore Multimedia, I try to keep us up to speed in regards to the newest and greatest Web technologies available. It’s a responsibility that I think is very important to us, and our clients. One of the newest Web design trends out there is one started by Ethan Marcotte, called Responsive Web Design.

Responsive Web Design is a whole gamut of screens, devices and screen orientations.

Responsive Web Design is the mindset and approach that the Web isn’t just for desktop viewing, but for the whole gamut of screens, devices and screen orientations. In the past, companies would have multiple versions of their website developed: one for the “normal” Web, one for mobile, and maybe another for tablets. As new products and devices come out on the market, these companies have to add additional support to keep their Web viewers happy. This can get very costly and time intensive, as multiple versions of the same information has to be duplicated across all supported web versions. Enter the beauty of the Responsive Web. Not only is it cheaper to develop in the long run, but much much easier to maintain for day-to-day activities.

Encore Multimedia’s new website is responsive! Try stretching your browser window back and forth if you have an updated browser. (Older browsers don’t support the very cool and important “Media Queries” CSS selectors.) All new smart phones are able to view our website too! Whether you are viewing this on a desktop, an android phone, or an iPad, you get the same information with a very similar style.

If you are interested in having a cutting edge website able to reach out to your entire target demographic, give us a call, and we will create a modern web solution for you!

Resource for designers and developers:

Responsive Web Design - Ethan Marcotte

Ethan Marcotte wrote a book on his industry changing ideas. Help build a better web and read Responsive Web Design


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