Snapchat in Downtown Longview

Young man using a Snapchat geofilter

Encore is proud to be located in downtown Longview, Texas and we're as excited as anyone about the recent growth in the area. Just a few of the latest developments include an innovative coffee house opening next month, a new local brewery setting up shop and numerous events organized by the 100 Acres of Heritage Committee. Not to mention the recent Pokemon Go craze which has brought a whole new crowd downtown.

We thought a fun way to contribute to the excitement was by making some Snapchat geofilters for the area. 

Snapchat is a wildly popular social media app that recently surpassed Twitter in daily usage. Geofilters are just one of Snapchat's many features. You may have seen the app's facial mapping ability which allows users to paste all kinds of silly faces over their own. Including the cute and slobbery cartoon dog face. Facial mapping is awesome and so are geofilters, but they work a little differently. 

Geofilters act as a sort of digital sticker only accessable in specific locations. Using GPS, the app automatically displays graphics associated with a Snapchat user's geographic position. Businesses can pay to upload their own digital graphics or citizens can design a filter for the community. The geofilters we've created are available for anyone to use on Snapchat, but they are exclusively available in the downtown area of Longview. So, come visit us and take some snaps along the way!

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Nic Trent