What is 3D and is it right for you?

As senior 3D generalist and editor at Encore, I believe that 3D, also called CGI, is a very fascinating, fun and valuable asset when it comes to promoting certain brands and businesses. I could talk forever about 3D and how exciting it is, but I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet.

What is 3D?

There are very technical definitions of what 3D is, but to me it's the creation of images in a digital environment which has 3 axis that provides the perception of depth. When I meet new people, they always assume I create images for 3D TVs, a process called Stereoscopy, which is incorrect. Stereoscopy presents two 2D offset images separately to mimic the left and right eye of the viewer.

Super Mario in 2D, 3D and Stereoscopy. Copyright© Nintendo. Can you see the difference?


Each project is uniquely different and can be very time consuming and complicated. Below are the general steps taken during an average 3D project.

  1. Concept and Storyboarding - The process of drawing out the idea through a series of 2D pictures to help tell the story.
  2. Modeling - The process in which the 2D idea is converted into a 3D mesh.
  3. Texturing -  When the colors, materials and designs are added to the finished model.
  4. Rigging and Skinning - Rigging is where the underlying skeleton and controls are created in order to move the subject. Skinning is the process of attaching the model to the rig so that the subject can be manipulated by the controls.
  5. Animation - The process of moving the subject like actors or puppeteers.
  6. Lighting - The process of of enhancing the mood and emotion to each scene by illuminating the subject.
  7. Camera Setup and Animation - The point of view of the artist to the audience for maximum storytelling effect.
  8. Special FX - The really fun process of blowing something up, melting, morphing, etc.
  9. Rendering - The most important step, which is where the graphics are made and exported.
  10. Compositing - Where the final renders are brought into compositing programs to edit and touch up.
  11. Editing and Final Output - The final step. This is where the composited renders and music are compiled together to make sure everything is in synchronization.


In a nutshell, 3D will make you stand out from your competitors by utilizing new technology, while giving your brand a modern and fresh look. 3D is hard to create, and not everyone can create nice, clean and inspiring 3D. This technology isn't relevant for every project, but is a lot of fun to create and work with.

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