Arpco logo

Arpco Valves & Controls

A Fresh Look 

A leader in the oil and gas surface safety systems industry, Arpco Valves and Controls is on a mission to serve its customers, community, and the environment by providing high-quality Emergency Shutdown Systems.

To communicate safety and trustworthiness along with the industrial and modern nature of Arpco Valves and Controls, the Encore design team updated their logo, typeface, and the overall look of their brand. 

Modeled after the valves actually produced by Arpco, the new logo icon was made bolder and Encore gave the company a new color palette to give their brand a fresh and distinct style. 

New branding guidelines and options were also provided by Encore to ensure that the Arpco brand appears professional and bold in every setting.

Arpco logo in process
Arpco old and new logo
Arpco logo in use
Arpco logo on truck
Arpco logo