Lasz Leather Hero

Lasz Leather

One Of A Kind

Using old-world techniques, Lasz Leather handmakes one of a kind leather goods in various styles and sizes. Classic details, quality leather, and fun fabrics make each trifold, tote bag, purse, and wallet a unique piece of art. 

Lasz Leather was in need of a logo that would both work well with leather stamping and be effective on social media. Encore Multimedia explored multiple logo options throughout the design process and in the end, was able to create a logo that met the needs of the business and honored the artistry of the owner’s father by using his signature as a reference. Providing logo variations for different settings and a set of cohesive brand colors, Encore was able to deliver branding that accomplished its practical purposes and create a brand image for Lasz Leather that celebrated the family legacy of art and workmanship.

Logo Exploration
Lasz Signature
Display of Lasz Leather Branding
Display of Lasz Leather Branding
Display of Lasz Leather Branding