ABC Auto Parts Novela

ABC Auto Parts let us try something fun and different for a radio campaign directed to the East Texas Hispanic market. Encore Multimedia created a three-part novela (soap opera), "Pasion de ABC Auto Parts," and in it, we follow the stormy romance of Pedro and Teresa and how they rekindle their love for each other and ABC Auto Parts.

Part I — The lovers breakup because Pedro lies about going to ABC Auto Parts for parts for Teresa's car.

Part II — Pedro visits his dear Mama. At first, she comforts her son that Teresa was never good enough for him, and then she disowns Pedro when she finds out that he did not go to ABC Auto Parts.

Part III —In the Grand Finale, Teresa and Pedro reunite as Pedro declares his newfound love of ABC Auto Parts and his love of Teresa. He wants to marry her right then and there at the store. Teresa is very excited until she learns Pedro plans for them to live with his Mama!!!