CHRISTUS Heart Hospital Hero

CHRISTUS – Make sure your heart is in the right place.

To promote the level of care that CHRISTUS offers its patients at CHRISTUS Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital, Encore Multimedia produced this 30-second spot featuring a testimonial from CHRISTUS patient and 30-year ER physician, Dr. Troy Miller.

Encore spent four days on-scene at the CHRISTUS Heart Hospital in Tyler, shooting footage inside the ER, OR, and Cath Lab. The hospital is the only heart hospital in East Texas and provides superior, state-of-the-art cardiac and thoracic surgical care.

Dr. Troy Miller’s story is both powerful and heartfelt. He describes how there were no prior symptoms of heart disease, but tests revealed he had life-threatening blockages, and he underwent an urgent 6-vessel bypass surgery. With the world-class care from the physicians and team at CHRISTUS, he was home in four days and now has his life back.