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Innovation in Education

Longview Independent School District seeks to educate future generations in a way that emphasizes leadership and innovation. With more than 8,400 students and 1,400 staff members, LISD offers various education program options to reflect and effectively serve the diverse population of East Texas. 

 The LISD “Yes, I Can - School of Choice” program gives parents and students access to a diverse set of educational options and removes location barriers to allow families to choose a school based on educational and career goals. As part of a campaign meant to promote the new and exciting educational opportunities provided by LISD, the Encore Multimedia team designed and created a “Choose LISD” web page to be a resource for people seeking to learn more about the benefits of the program along with details about each district school.  

LISD strives to achieve “excellence for all - one child at a time."

 A digital version of the “Yes, I Can - School of Choice” brochure also designed by Encore, the website features Encore photography for the main hero and footer images and website links to each school within a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing format.  Keeping with its goal to educate the community, the Choose LISD website allows visitors to easily receive application information, answers to frequently asked questions, and gives visitors an overall greater understanding of what the School of Choice program is all about.

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