Integrity Furniture Solutions

Furniture That Works

Serving churches, businesses, and schools since the year 2000, Integrity Furniture provides quality products and exceptional service to fit each unique space, organization, and budget with the perfect furniture. 

Integrity Furniture wanted to create a website separate from their main site to showcase their furniture in realistic environments in an effort to appeal to potential clients who would benefit from seeing each product line in the appropriate setting. To meet this request, Encore Multimedia designed and developed a website from the ground up and included a gallery, resource library, and page of customer testimonials.

Website displayed on phone and tablet

The gallery is organized into furniture categories and accomplishes Integrity Furniture’s objective to demonstrate how their products appear in an actual setup. With a modern, clean, and easy to follow approach along with crisp, bold imagery,  Encore was able to design a website that let the photography speak for itself and support the product in its role as the true hero.

Integrity Solutions Website in Use