Mesquite, Texas

Engage and Inspire

One of the larger cities located in the surrounding metroplex region of Dallas, Mesquite has a vibrant mix of industry, history, and a reputation for incredible Bar-B-Q. In order to engage users with Mesquite’s economic development efforts, our team created a sleek, modern website for Mesquite displaying excellent imagery, information, and features of thriving businesses and companies within the city. 

To communicate and display the unique identity of Mesquite, we shot over 1000+ images in and around the city to bring authenticity to every page of the site. When users land on the website, they are given the immediate opportunity to view a drone video featuring 3D graphics telling the story of Mesquite. When clicked, this video plays full screen without leaving the homepage, giving the viewer the full visual impact of the video.

Mesquite website displayed on different devices

Offering pages that detail Mesquite’s properties, key sectors, workforce, and incentives, a journey through the website presents visitors with a comprehensive opportunity to interact with and learn more about the different aspects of the city’s economic development. Testimonies of real-life people and businesses in Mesquite allow users to be inspired by the opportunities provided by the city and news about Mesquite’s latest business projects and happenings are also available on the site. 

Providing relevant content is key to creating a successful website.

The homepage gives visitors plenty of content to explore, but if the viewer finds themselves at the bottom of the homepage without clicking, they will find two simple choices that speak directly to the audiences most likely visiting the site. Ultimately, the clean and responsive design of the website along with the engaging content and imagery gives users an online experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Encore’s sister company, EDsuite, serves the needs of economic development for cities across the US. Our design and web team creates the sites and branding for these clients to help them captivate their unique audiences and effectively tell the story of their cities.

Mesquite website displayed on tablet