Newgate Mission

Changing Lives

Bringing together faith, dedication, and purpose, Newgate Mission is about more than serving meals. Creating a safe, Christ-centered community for the homeless, low-income, and marginalized populations of Longview, Texas is the vision of Newgate as they provide housing assistance, job readiness training, health and hygiene services, life essentials, transportation, and 82,000 meals for the community. 

As part of Newgate’s rebranding, Encore Multimedia redesigned and redeveloped Newgate’s outdated website. Keeping the overall content of the original website intact, each page was freshened up with a modern design and new event, gallery, and news systems were added to improve user experience and client control.

Newgate works toward meaningful change through service and compassion. 

Encore provided professional photography and video in order to capture Newgate’s values and tell the story of the mission in a way that would captivate and educate website visitors. With the website serving as an essential part of Newgate’s rebranding, Encore’s design team incorporated shapes and design elements to reflect the new logo and included four bright colors to make the website friendly and inviting. 

The new website is now easy to navigate and serves as a cohesive piece of Newgate Mission’s rebranding, aiding the organization in its mission to bring about meaningful change in the community and in people’s lives.

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