Display of Robroy Website

Robroy Industries

Innovation and Growth

A leader in the electrical products industry, Robroy Industries has leveraged their deep roots to help them grow into the future. Innovation and next-generation thinking keep Robroy at the top while their experience of over 100 years has laid a solid foundation of expertise and tradition.

As a piece of Robroy Industries’ rebranding, Encore Multimedia redesigned the entire Robroy corporate website to reflect the brand’s new modern look and feel. Encore met with Robroy Industries and walked through each page to discuss which aspects they wished to retain or remove from the previous website and which additions they would like to be included in the update.

Robroy’s new website now has features such as an added timeline to depict the rich history of the company, a section to upload company newsletters, a “giving back” section to display how Robroy is involved in the community, professional photography and video, and an overall clean, fresh design.

With a supportive CMS and cohesive layout, Robroy’s updated website is user-friendly and acts as a window through which users can view and appreciate the excellence and innovation of Robroy Industries.  


Robroy website on phone and tablet
Robroy website in use on tablet