Custom Skeeter Boat builder on an iPad

Skeeter Boat Builder

If You Build It, Fish Will Come

Encore worked with Skeeter Boats to create an interactive Boat Builder. This awesome web app allows users to customize their own boat! Choose from over 20 boats, then select from a pallete of colors. Every nook and cranny of the boat is editable down to the pinstripes and trailer. Once the boat reaches masterpiece status, the builder allows the user to print out their creation or send the customization information to a dealer.

Skeeter Boats create the top fishing boats in the world and they get better with each new boat. Behind the scenes of the Boat Builder is an easy-to-use content mangement system that allows Skeeter to upload new boats as they come out. This was a challenging project, but totally worth it because now anyone can look good fishing. 

Boat Builder user interface
The boat builder in action